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Artists in Residence

We work with international and UK artists and crafts people to bring an ever changing gallery of sculptures and artwork into the garden.  In 2017 we are honoured to feature the amazing work of several very talented and wonderful people, see our Art on Display page.

We are also proud to welcome both Emma Taylor and Amanda Duke as our artists in residence for 2017.

In 2017 we bring you “FLEETING MOMENTS” by Emma Taylor and Amanda Duke.

An exhibition by two local artists capturing the ephemeral nature of the Sussex Prairie Garden. Together they evoke the passing of the seasons, their momentary observations, conversations and memories of working together and with the prairie people over the past year. Find out more about the artists below.

Find out more about the artists below.


Art by Emma Taylor. Emma Taylor.

Emma Taylor

Emma studied Fine Art BA (Hons) in Cardiff at the University of Wales with one foot in the painting studios but gravitating to the warmth of the printmaking studios. Her work embodies the two disciplines with collagraph plates produced with layers of paint, carborundum and now photography to integrate intaglio and relief printmaking. Emma has worked for many years as a secondary school Art teacher before leaving to focus on her family and printmaking. Her wealth of experience and expertise in education has inspired countless students and they, in turn, have opened her eyes to the joys of returning to her own creativity. “Observing the Prairie Garden ebb and flow through the seasons has made me even more aware of the cycles and circles of life. My work seeks to record the glimpses of growth and decay in the garden and observing the contrast between colour and darkness through photography. I have been captivated by the shadows cast by plants in each stage of their lives and have captured these fleeting visual moments in my pieces. The garden is deeply rooted in the ground and yet movement is constant and mesmerising. The whispering breeze through the grasses and the workers buzzing contentedly heads down, tending and nurturing. Circles emerge everywhere; scorched into the earth after the burn and sprouting in rhythmic ordered beds. My collagraph printing plates combine phototransfer of photographs of the garden, collage, monoprinting and embossing before the printing process enriches and ages. It is rare for a printmaker to release their plates for sale but this collection has been created to celebrate their beauty.” Find out more on Emma’s website: www.emmataylorprint.co.uk

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Art by Amanda Duke. Amanda Duke.

Amanda Duke

Amanda Duke dissolves dyes from the plants, dispersing their essence into fabric and stitch. Paintings, prints and collages capture the prairie sun and the quirkiness of found objects and viewpoints.

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