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RHS Partner Garden.

Artists in Residence

We work with international and UK artists and crafts people to bring an ever changing gallery of sculptures and artwork into the garden.  In 2018 we are honoured to feature the amazing work of several very talented and wonderful people, see our Art on Display page.

We are also proud to welcome Miranda Ellis as our artist in residence for 2018.

In 2018 we bring you “BEESPACE” by Miranda Ellis.

Miranda’s work explores themes of the unseen and the unpredictable, in particular how glass sculpture is viewed in light and space in the built & natural environment. Miranda studied figurative sculpture and painting at Hampstead School of Art, 3D Design at Brighton Uni and Glass Casting at Liquid Glass with Helga Watkins Baker and Fiaz Elson. Last year she visited  the renowned Czech artist, Vladimir Klein, a specialist in carved glass.
Miranda’s figurative sculpture and glass making is developing audiences and sales nationally. She has permanent work at Sussex Prairie Gardens and has shown in the Artist Open House Trail as part of the Brighton Festival for over 10 years. In 2006, she was selected for the Curious-Projects exhibition in Eastbourne 2006. Miranda co-owns Two Horse Gallery in Brighton where she exhibits throughout the year both as a solo and a collaborative artist. She is an experienced glass tutor, having taught numerous of workshops in her studio and other educational establishments.
 The context of this project is one of learning through creativity and interaction. The environment and our impact upon it is becoming a topic that we need to address. One of the primary insects that our behaviour is adversely affecting is the Bee population. It is imperative that we have a more emphatic understanding of how we, nature and bees can interact and live together at this point in time. The Bees need our support as they are a vital part of the ecological cycle. What we give the Bees, they give back to us by helping the environment and our ability to grow crops. Bees function as a collective and work as a complete organism for survival, this artistic activity will take the bees example and encourage and engage people of varying ages and differing backgrounds to work together to understand, discuss and create a response to the dilemma we find ourselves in. Through workshops, the message will be communicated in dance, 3d and 2d form using influences from the natural environment.
The activity will be based in two locations, starting in Sussex Prairie Gardens, a countryside environment and concluding in Onca, an urban environment. The sculptures and art works will continue ideas from my previous project, as an exploration of eyes and perspectives, in this case, how Bees see the world through the unique structure of their eyes. The main sculpture, will be placed as visitors enter Sussex Prairie garden. It will be made of numerous glass elements that create the shape of the eye of a Bee and pay homage to the manner in which the bees work as one. The other sculptures will be within the garden, the audience will need to seek them out as Bees seek out the flowers and plants that give them pollen. Large glass lenses will be placed close to the flowers so people can walk around the garden and experience a different perspective of nature, a Bee’s eye view of the garden as an interactive experience.

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