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Beespace Workshop- Wax- with Miranda Ellis


Saturday 21st July | 10:00am - 2:00pm

Beespace Workshop- Wax- with Miranda Ellis

 B e e S p a c e is an art project being held at Sussex Prairie during the summer. It will examine the micro and macro worlds of the bee in order to gain greater understanding and empathy with this threatened species. Led by Miranda Ellis, glass sculptor, this inter-disciplinary project aims to explore the beautiful gardens through the perspective of a bee.
Hebe Vernon Morris, experienced printmaker and 3D artist will be joining forces with Miranda to offer workshops, linked to the glass making process to compliment Miranda’s sculptures in the Sussex Prairie gardens.

The will be three workshops, one in Paper, one in Wax and one in Glass. They can be attended as stand-alone workshops or all three can be taken.


Bees create with wax in the most ingenious ways; they use the minimum of this precious resource to support the maximum amount of honey. Wax is also a large part of the glass casting process; sculptures are made first in wax then, through the lost wax process, the form is transformed in to glass. Beeswax smells deliciously of honey and is a wonderful material to work with.

This workshop is suitable for all experience levels. We will use wax taken from Sussex Prairie beehives, guiding participants in using moulds and modelling tools to cut and shape their sculpture.

Take your creation home with you or add it to the central bee comb structure that is part of the BeeSpace installation.


£50pp inclusive of materials

B O O K  Y O U R  PL A C E

07878435790 2mirandaellis@gmail.com

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