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Our Art

This year we will also be working with some wonderful international and national artists and crafts people to bring more sculptures and artwork into the garden. In 2015 we are honoured to feature at Sussex Prairies the amazing work of several very talented and wonderful people .

Jill Staples , Alice and Tom Barker : our artists in residence 2015

A bit about our artists -in their own words -
Jill Staples
"Since moving to Bolney in the early eighties, I have spent most of my time working in my garden, gardening and taking photographs. With advancing years this has involved less gardening and more photography. I have used many different photographic methods , cyanotypes, pinhole,printing on coated material and have also developed my great love of book making.
In september 2012 I discovered the Sussex Prairie garden, a garden after my own heart. I love grasses and seed heads & their soft muted colours, but also the wonderful wealth of colours throughout the summer. This exhibition shows the way I feel about this lovely garden. I have worked using several different methods, cyanotypes, scans,printing onto material and straight digital prints,not forgetting book making. Each has its own way of describing the garden.
I help run Independent Photography in the South East (IPSE) , a group of dedicated photographers. We meet on a regular basis, run workshops,have an annual exhibition and produce a newsletter four times a year. We do not have competitions,but enjoy sharing our work with one another.

Tom Barker
" I draw on my experiences (including designing and building shows for theatre and television) to create surreal,ecological,often interactive installations. I use mixed media (natural,found objects and photography) to encourage audiences of all ages to see things differently.
For the past year I have been photographing and collecting grasses and seed heads from the Prairies. I've also been gathering unwanted furniture from Brighton's streets. These I have transformed into a disarming , darkly humorous installation. An alternative world that questions our view on life and envirnment.
What goes on at Night , whilst you sleep ?"

Alice Barker
"I liken my experience of walking round Sussex praqirie Garden taking photos to a very pleasurable mediation practice. iam interested in the influrnce of Buddhismin art-making in the "open mind" and what may emerge in the process of photography,paying mindful attention to whatever is occuring in the moment in the visual field. taking photos for me is to shift into a contemplative frame of mind bringing sharpness of attention and focus. I have a background in painting and drawing (graphos) in light (phos-photo). When i walk through the gaden with a half focus or 'bare" attention and my eye happens to land on light and dark and shadow I try to capture an image and as Henri Vartier Bresson spoke of taking the risk of seizing the "decisive momeny". By paying attention to the light and lines my photographs move from representation towards abstraction. The abstraction allows for themes and emotions to surface and I am especially interested in light meeting dark."


Janine Creaye

Annie McMullan

Miranda Ellis

Louise Durham

Paul & Pauline McBride, Sussex Prairies, Morlands Farm, Wheatsheaf Road, Henfield, West Sussex, BN5 9AT
0044 (0)1273 495902

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